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    Cutting edge retail management
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    Accessible from any device with an internet connection
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    Giving you peace of mind in keeping your data safe

Features ahead of the competition

Always on Point of Sale

easy to use, optimized for speedy sales

Easy to use point of sale software in your retail outlet. Supports one or many in store terminals.

Feature rich back office

accessable from any device, any time

Unsuppassed back office system offering cutting edge stock management and reporting.

E-Commerce websites

integrated online store

Reach a greater audience with an online store that integrates seemlessly with the back office software.


simple lay-buy management

Simplified lay-buy management, item tracking, back office reporting.


simplified debtor management

Account limits, emailed invoices and statements, detailed age analysis reporting.


manage budgets with purchase tracking

Capture pre-ordered stock, set payment reminders, and email orders to your creditors.

Inter-branch stock transfers

keep tabs on stock movements

Track stock movements between branches, and monitor current stock levels.

Credit vouchers

keep your cash in your store

Issue customers with credit vouchers instead of refunding cash.

Stock takes

integrated stock takes

Quick accurate stock takes; using technology, we integrate with data collection devices, removing human error from the equation.

Sales scheduler

planning sales is key

Sales scheduler automatically adjusts stock pricing for the selected periods, taking the manual work out of planning sales and discounts.

Cash up notifications

keeping you up-to-date on events

Receive real time notifications when staff cash up at the end of a shift or the day.

Customer relation management

also known as CRM

Gather customer information; send prmomtional, targetted sms messages on sales and products on prmotion.

Financial dashboards

keeping you abreast of your finances

Analysis of yearly, seasonal, monthly and daily financial trends.

Sales trend dashboards

giving you the advantage in sales analysis

Analysis of yearly, seasonal, monthly and daily sales trends.

Indepth reporting

all you need to know, and more

Detailed stock and sales reporting; trend analysis; financial analysis.

Who we are what makes us great

OnPoint Retail has been operating since 2010. Our software has been built in collaboration with retailers who have been in the business for decades.

Leveraging their knowledge and expertise, in conjunction with our in-depth understanding of data analytics, we have been able to build easy to use, reliable point of sale software.

We understand that for smaller retailers, curbing rising costs in these uncertain times is paramount, and have an extremely competitive pricing structure to fit your budget.

Our software has been installed in retailers over the greater part of the Western Cape; we do not limit ourselves to this region, give us a call!

Why us what makes us different

Are you a shoe and or clothing retailer? Then OnPoint Retail is perfect for you!

Our software provides an easy platform for capturing the intricate detail and unique characteristics that other POS software makes complicated and cumbersome.

OnPoint Retail provides a unique indexing system that makes locating stock in your store room or warehouse quick and easy.

Most POS software considere stock takes an afterthought; we have revolutionised the process allowing for quick, accurate and efficient stock taking with no to minimal closure of your store.

Point of sale hardware, installation, and training

Our POS software has a very small footprint, meaning it is able to install on most existing POS units.

We are able to source very competative prices on new units, giving you the option of entry level to top level units.

Our team provide onsite training and support.

Do you own an existing POS system and want to change? We are able to convert most of our competitors data, meaning that when you move to us, you bring your stock, and sales history with you.

What we do


Digital footprint e-commerce, facebook, twitter, email, etc

OnPoint back office naturally extends itself to a fully managed e-commerce administration portal. Let us create your digital footprint.

We are search engine optimization (SEO) specialists, knowing exactly how to bump you to the top when potential customers are searching for your products.

Managing your online profile is a natural part of our job, creating and managing Facebook, Twitter, Google+, registering your domain (website address), and providing you with email addresses.

What we do


Cloud storage safe in the cloud

We pride ourselves in data integrity; rest assured your information remains private and safe in our data center. We perform daily backups of all information.

All point of sale units perform a daily recon with the master database ensuring data accuracy.

Leveraging cloud processing gives us the added advantage of ensuring the system is available when you need it most.

Feature rich we never stop

Our passion is technology; we establish a close personal relationship with all our clients, receiving continous feedback on features, products, and new ways of processing information.

Our skill is turning your ideas into something meaningful that will give your business the competitive edge you need.

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